4 Apps You Need to Master Your Midterms

Happy October friends! Or should I say… happy midterm season!

Scary, I know. And it’s not even Halloween.

For students, October is typically when school starts to get real. Suddenly your weekly readings turn into group projects, tests, and papers. We’re officially in the thick of things. From syllabus week to prepping for your midterm exams, balancing school work can be tough. Maybe you’re struggling with your workload. Maybe you failed your first tests. Maybe you’re having trouble focusing and can’t stop procrastinating. My friend, you are not alone. We’re all struggling, and we will get through this. Think about how many grades you’ve passed to get here. That’s how far God has brought you, and He will see you through to the end. Keep you head in the game. We got this! And there’s few things that can make it easier.

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Step 2: How can you stay on top of your workload at school or work? Today, I'm sharing four apps for boosting your productivity and staying organizing. I use these apps regularly in school and at work to stay focused and get a lot done in a small amount of time. 

FOUR apps to boost your productivity

1. Limitless Google Chrome Extension

Overview: You sit down to write that 10 page paper. You swear you'll be productive. 2 hours later, you have a sentence. We all know this situation, and Limitless is here to help. This Google Chrome tab extension helps you keep track of how you're spending your time. As you go through your day, the extension tracks how much time you spend on each website and categorizes them. For example, websites Facebook go to social time, and Gmail goes to email. You can mark which websites are considered productive. At the end of the day, you can see how much time you spend on each site, and Limitless gives you a productivity score.   The app also features a customizable dashboard, attractive photography, motivating quote, your to-do list, and the weather.

How do I use Limitless? I have Limitless on my work computer, so I can consciously tell when I'm getting distracted. 

Why do I love Limitless?  Limitless makes procrastination real. This app shows me exactly how I am spending my time. For me, seeing the amount of time I spend on Facebook motivates me to stay off.

How can you use Limitless for school? This app is perfect for procrastinators. You can figure out what websites waste most of your time. Next time you study, put Limitless on, track the non-productive websites, and put them in a website-restricting app like StayFocusd and you'll have your work done in no time.

2. Asana

Overview: Asana is an online productivity app that allows you to organize projects, delegate tasks within each project, and log your progress one step at a time.

How do I use Asana? In Asana, you can break a long-term project into manageable steps and delegate tasks to each team member with deadlines overtime. For example, I use Asana at work to manage projects on my team; My supervisor assigns tasks with detailed instructions and set deadlines. I track my deadlines in the calendar layout, where I can see my tasks due today and prepare for those coming in the future. (iPhone app also available)

Why do I love Asana? Asana allows me to space out all of my tasks and view them at a month's glance. I can easily move tasks when deadlines get moved or my schedule changes. 

How can you use Asana for school? Asana would be perfect for a semester-long group project, so you can keep track of tasks and each group member’s progress.

Imagine your workload is Thanksgiving dinner. Asana allows you to approach each project one dish at a time.

3. Google Photos

What is Google Photos? A photo storage app accessible via iPhone, Android, and computer

How do I use Google Photos?  Running out of storage on my phone because of too many photos drives me crazy. When I filled the iCloud storage on my phone earlier this year, I couldn’t back up anything for months. Any photos I deleted were deleted permanently.

Ever since I downloaded Google Photos, I don’t worry about running out of storage. I use this app to backup photos on my iPhone instead of iCloud. Google photos syncs with your phone, so as soon as you take a photo on your phone it shows up in the Google Photos app and the Photo app on your phone.

Why do I love Google Photos? Though this may not qualify as a productivity app, Google Photos makes my life so much easier so I can focus on the work at hand. Google Drive gives you more GB storage than iCloud and Dropbox, so you don't have to worry about your photos taking away space for your documents. You can delete photos from your phone without losing them in Google Photos. The app also allows you to create shareable albums by inputting email addresses. It's perfect for sharing photos with your family to show how well you're doing in college!

How can you use Google Photos for school? If you’re taking any photography class, raw files can take up a lot of space on a flash drive or your computer. Backup your photos from your memory card to Google Photos for maximum storage space. 

4. Trello

Overview: An online productivity website that allows you to organize your projects into boards.

How do I use Trello? By far my favorite app of the list, I use Trello for By Lady Bry to track tasks and plan long-term projects. Trello is organized into a board with list boxes with cards. Similar to Asana, you can create multiple labeled to do lists, each item being a card. Within each card, you can create a checklists. Among the customizable features, you can color code boards and assign cards to team members. The right side menu allows you to change the background, add stickers and power-ups and track all the changes that have been made on the board. Currently, I’m working on transitioning my content calendar into Trello as per Erin Henry’s recent video.

Why do I love Trello? As a visual learner, I like Trello better than Asana because it’s organized into boxes. Trello is also compatible with more apps than Asana, including Evernote and Google Drive. Trello's capabilities expand with more upgrades or “power-ups” than I can count, such as viewing tasks in a calendar and repeating cards over multiple deadlines.

How can you use Trello for school? Organize your homework into cards on separate boards for each of your classes. For long-term projects, make each phase a column and each task a card. Assign each team member a card, and set deadlines for progress. 

Banner Photo by Andyone on Unsplash.

Do you have any other midterm hacks and favorite apps for school? Share in the comments below! Good luck my friends, and happy studying!