It's time to pursue wellness.

Through Christ and community, you can be encouraged, empowered and fulfilled. By Lady Bry is a lifestyle blog by Bryana Braxton designed to inspire and guide women to greater wellness. Here, I share stories, advice and practical tools to help you achieve wellness in all aspects of life: in college, the workplace, at home, and beyond.



Whether you're a fellow student, follower of Jesus, new believer or working professional, this blog is for you. I hope something you read here encourages you today. Below you will find advice and encouragement about faith, health and life.


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Hi, I'm Bryana

As the writer behind By Lady Bry, I believe sharing stories can change lives. With this blog, I share my experiences as a recent college grad, planner addict, recovering people-pleaser, and more. I hope something you read here today inspires you.  

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