The Benefits to Daily Journaling + 10 FREE Prompts

Friends, I have a confession...

I low-key have obsession with Youtube. Guilty! I can spend hours watching recipe videos and daily vlogs; occasionally I happen upon a meaningful one. Recently, I watched Lucie Fink of Refinery29 document her experience doing a daily journaling challenge.

Watching her journal reminded me of my childhood. I used to write journal entries to myself everyday (anyone else remember “Dear Diary?”). Each page captures a memory. Call me a hoarder, but I can't bring myself to throw any of my journals away. My days in elementary school sound like scenes out of a soap opera. I cared waaaaaay too much about everything ........ especially boys. Guilty!

Anyone who’s an introvert knows the feeling of being tortured by your own thoughts. Sometimes being an introvert feels like I am trapped in my brain with a megaphone on full volume. I have so many thoughts about everything, most I don’t want to share. Journaling has been a way for me to get those thoughts out of my head, so I can focus on the present. 

Journaling is not just for introverts.

From a spiritual perspective, everyone should journal as a way to examine oneself and be honest with yourself and the Lord. Your journal is a safe space to come face to face with your feelings and reality. There's no audience, no judge, no critic. Just you and the Lord. Quieting your voice leaves space for Him to speak. Journaling can be a beneficial component to you spiritual life, especially in a dry season. I journal almost every time I do my devotionals, and I'm surprised every time. I can feel the Holy Spirit flowing through my hands.  I confess things I'm too afraid to admit out loud. Sudden epiphanies come to mind. Scripture takes on new meaning.  

5 Benefits of Journaling

  • self growth
  • introspection
  • coping with grief, pain, etc.
  • stress relief
  • Deeper intimacy with Christ

Journaling can bring you to greater intimacy with the Lord as you incorporate it into your times of stress.  When you can’t sing the church songs earnestly or you don’t know what to pray, try writing down your stress and pain. Write your prayers as letters.  Find security in knowing these words are between you and God.

How do I incorporate journaling into my daily life?

Whether you're in school, working, or at home, we live fast-paced lives and don't always take time to reflect on the past and check in on ourselves. Journaling is the key self-care practice to get started. So I created 10 writing prompts and 5 tips to help you incorporate journaling into your daily life. To help you through this adjustment, let's add a challenge. 

I challenge you to try journaling every day for one week. And I'll do it with you.  

    Want to take my seven day journaling challenge? Download my 10 FREE writing prompts and 5 tips below. Need an accountability buddy? Remember you're not doing this alone. I will start the challenge on Monday 6/5 and give daily updates on the By Lady Bry Facebook page.  Cheer each other on and share what you've learned in the comments! I can't wait to see where this takes us. Good luck, and happy journaling!